In Cyberspace

This misty morn in late December
The horizon has come closer to our house.
Later hours let the cloud-sieved sunlight
Hazily outline the holy hill
And daub streaks of colour across the grey washed sky.
We have seen a row of ibises, black and white,
Winging northward.Thoughts fly in sensory
Flurried flocks of notional emoticons.

All things change by the nano-second.
A serial of standstills in momently alterity,
In pilot-less ‘cybernity'.
Unbegun and endless:
In Vedic Sanskrit, ‘anaadi, ananta'.

- - - - -28 December 2017.

Note: ‘Cyberspace' refers to interconnected technology
and ‘cybernetics', an old Greek word related to
the skill of piloting boats, steering and governing.

by Ananta Madhavan

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How fascinating to learn something about this wonderful space called Cybernetics.