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In Darkness I Stand...
VF (03/23/1971 / Bronx, NY)

In Darkness I Stand...

In darkness i stand
And in grief i do sorrow
As the wretched crow
Awaits the feast by morrow

And for selfish intent
Does he dispel his search
For the helpless morsel
Neath his hungry perch

Bound to a view of
Intense satisfaction
He won't waste his chance
On a senseless distraction

For by night's end
When daylight breaks in
So shall fulfillment of
his vision begin

He shall open my skull
To take part in my brain
Though in vain shall his
Attempt to my wisdom end

Then on to my heart
He makes haste to devour
Since assured is made he
It shall rot by the hour

Like wormwood the sip
Of my blood shall be
And bitter is the taste of
My sins set free

My dying soul
sees fit to demand
That by the grace of God
And mercy's hand
I shall again see the light
Though in darkness i stand

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Comments (5)

the grace of God mercy's hand I shall again see the light Though in darkness i stand.. crow as a symbol.. guilt. desire for atonement. presence of God, just a fine a poem. thank you dear poet for you sublime thoughts. pl. e spread such ideas more and more through your poems.. thank you. dev
Thank you...it's a metaphor for the guilt of a hurtful sin, whether to God or a loved one, etc; the crow is a symbol of the enslavement that both sin and guilt keep over us. It's haste represents the opportunity sin/guilt suddenly finds from someone who has always been good until now. Like a bird of prey, sin will FINALLY get to feast on you, something it never thought could happen. Think along the lines of how the devil would have enjoyed seeing David sin with Bathsheba...
Very deep, its draws you right in as you read along, at first i was thinking vampires very nice twist in the end... Annette
oh my god we have the same last name! thats so weird! that aside this is a great poem! it has so much meaning.
wow excellent poem! I vote 10 :) I love how it all just flows together. hmm... you mention the 'grace of God', and 'My sins set free'. Are you saved by the blood of Jesus? Send me a message. -Cheng Zheng