In Death There Is Life

Poem By Not Long Left

How time has weighed you down
weakened and nibbled your body.
your arms bending, slowly falling
towards where you first broke through.
Your tears fall with the seasons
swirling eternally within my mind.
Too long have you battled the elements,
the wars in the sky have scarred
and broken you. Children fear to
scale you now, your once luring
branches hang with dangerous uncertainty.
Yet even in death you give birth,
as another life circle completes its
journey, you offer us hope. Slowly
it grows, blooms and colours.
There is dignity in death your fruits
remind us of that. And even when
the time comes and you fall for the last
time, your life lives on. Even as the
orange and blue flames spit out of
your crackling body- still you remain.
Now as It sit waiting for death to come
warming my white face
and floating back to a time long ago
I feel your spirit gently guide
me into a peaceful warming sleep.

Comments about In Death There Is Life

what flow, what language, what turn of phrase. Marvellous.

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