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This Poem Is Brought To You By The Letter M
(1533-1603 / England)

This Poem Is Brought To You By The Letter M

Musing Memoirs:

Mimicking Monsters - Meaning Men,
Made Mockery My Marriage.
Maliciously Minded,
Miss. Maria Matched
My Mal-intented,
Munging Minded Mood.

Musky Meadows,
Maximum May Moon,
Marley's Music Mystifying Moods...

Mutual Meddling,
Massaging Misses Muff,
Maria's Melting Mouth
Morsels My Member!

Maria's Minge Moves!
Missionary Mamal -
MMM! Master MILF!
My! M-rated Movie Material!

Melting Moments,
Muffled Moaning,
Midnight Morphs Mid-Morning!
Motor-inn Monrovia,
Masked My Moral,
Mischievous Mistake.

Masses Murmur My Mess Mid-town!
Mia, My Main Miss,
Menaces My Medieval Musket Murder!

Mia Mulls Mentally,
My Major Misconception.

Mad, Mean!
Mind Made-up Mentions:
'Mamma! Moving! ...Melbourn, Michigan...Maybe Mars! '

Mirroring Military Missions, Mia Mandates:
'MOVE! Mushy Metal Mule! -
MathaEfer.....March! '

Monrovia's Miles:
Mostly Mineral Mines,
Meet My Mustang's Mudflaps...
Mia Makes Murky Memory My Mistakes.

Moments Move Minutes,
Mummifying Minutes Make Months,
Must Millennium Mount?

Missing Mia Murders Me!

Moral Mistakes Made,
Merciful My Master, Maybe Mitigate?

Moping My Message:
Miss....Meet Me Mid-May?
Matinee Movie? Munchies?
McDonalds Meal?

Masai! , Miracles May Make.

- Luiz Syphre

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Comments (5)

Beautiful poem even though dealing with dark phases of life.
An amazing poem. Congratulations.
Sadness has it's own beauty, of course. Beautiful expression. Thanks for sharing.10 points.
Our thoughts went with it! The river darkens and look bruised. Nice piece of work.
There is no way I should call this beautiful yet it is full of beauty- painfully sad beauty