In Dyes Of Magnolia

In dyes of magnolia the season came
A sight so lovely feels like a sip of morning tea
Full of warmth in such blush, I felt to wear
Romantic feel for my beloved – long condoned.

Like the spring surrendered in selfless act
Or the whole of dreamscape reduced to sorrow;
I frenzied a fuzzy glimpse of her forgotten face
Too long I’ve prized the keep in the abysmal heart.

This dye of magnolia is reminiscent of my leave
Riveted in time, quite numb, bemoaning transience.
This seclusion amidst the crowd feels horrendous
Love-struck, thus, I bleed in the dead of the night.

Passing gradually down the alley of gloom
In drips across the earth in pursuit of holiness
If baptized by ignorance I were to be blessed
I rush to dye the earth in red with my blood.

For, her promiscuity hides her infidelity
All season round she paints me in hue of love
So if by chance she fails to keep her for me
Should I mutter in disgust at such a failure?

by A.S.M.Shamim Miah

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