In Earnest To Be Important

[This poem is about a vainglorious gentleman of my acquaintance. But he's entertaining all the same! ]

He’s more than a shadow of his former self:
His heart burns with fervor and commitment;
In the past he sang to me a tune of his pelf –
Alas, the song has changed since his advancement.

He’s altruistic now; I scarcely believe him:
The institution is more important than man;
But lest I disbelieve his vim-
Let me praise him as I only can.

I praise his self-importance: he’s knowledgeable;
I praise his skills at work: he’s experienced;
I praise his humility: that’s manageable;
I praise his actions: in that I was prescient.

His force can change his surroundings:
Whatever these surroundings may be;
Beware, an ill-wind blows with his tampering
This force: let commonsense relax in harmony.

His inspirations spring like wild flowers:
He spouts wisdom like a fountain in flow;
Alack, he does talk a lot of his prowess,
His heart is as white as the driven snow.

The seasons change as does his scruples;
But he maintains a steady demeanor;
His antics do cause temporal ripples,
Who cares if he’s our conscience keeper?

Now he shines like a beacon truly;
His light blinds darkness to shame;
Poor man: he’s surrounded by dullards, unruly,
He deserves better, he’s fit for fame.

He works not for himself, but for others,
Others are bricks and mortars, institutions;
What hope does he give to his fellow-brothers?
It will depend on the cost of his restitution.

Copyright © SC
25th June 2007

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You gave me a clear portrait of the man you wrote about, they can be both a joy and a bore, but never at the same time.
good god created you two..........this is really nice, sweet and written with a passionate charm......pls read my poems called SPARK, ASPIRATION, What shall remain and I.
You singled out 'your friend' extremely well, we could feel that we're just as close to him as you do.Good writes my friend Subroto!
Hehe, very well-written. What would our lives be without eccentric people?