MW (September 14 / Dallas)

In Every Man,

In every man lies the sorrows of my youth,
Lies my love for life and love-
In every man-who stole my heart-literally, took my passions away-
Lies my hindering aches and hate that made me as I live today.
From every man, I got a lie-the golden stairway that would leave all troubles behind
I trusted and followed-by running, I almost fell in-
The abyss of lies, a dark hole of no return-becoming just another image of pleasurly woes
You asked of me. I asked of you. Connect to me, you commanded, I fear—I pleaded.
And severed my image of what I felt you knew as more than the image from every other set of eyes-
It was an act-I saw, that I didn’t want to be part of anymore.
The longing contact I longed for, trusted you with—
Such the contact between the sun and moon, the trees and earth, the contact that makes something more beautiful than was there before…
You could not give.
I could not surrender
And you broke my heart, severed my ego with your taunting id.
Now, in every man lies the body-of someone I used to be
Lies my youth, a happy hope—that rots and withers in your empty hole

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