In Fairyland

In fairyland dreams can come true.
They can even happen to you.
You think I'm bluffing don't you see all that's gonna happen to you,
Happened to me.
You can talk on the trip;
But right know keep zip.
As I explain the rules.
Number one.
You must have fun;
Or the magic won't exist.
Number two
Take in the view
But here's a nasty twist.
No photos aloud;
And don't be proud;
No paintings either.
No use complaining, I'm telling you it's neither.
And that's all there is,
Apart from no cokey fizz.
The dragons don't like it.
Of course there's such things as dragons you silly nit.
Though these aren't the fire breathing sort,
These breathe sweets and gum and other nice things, which can be bought.
So pack your stuff,
But please no fluff.
They make the giants sneeze.
Of Course there's giants and if you say please,
He'll pop you on his shoulder.
And if your a little bolder;
He show you how he juggles with trees.
But remember only if you say please.
You ready? lets not keeps them waiting.
Because If we do we'll have to deal with Satan.
Who's Satan you ask,
he performs a very special task;
At fairyland as he's the guard chimp.
And if you keep him long,
he'll sing a merry song about always being on time.
I tell you anything can happen in fairy land.
And we'd better hurry I've got a lot of fun planned.

by Sam Price

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