In Fear Of Shadows They Cast On Paths Alone!

You cast a shadow...
Because there is sunlight.
You curse the darkness.
But it alone does not create your pain.

When you came to experience life...
You had every right,
To expect enlightenment.
But you chose to be sheltered.
Like the others who complain of their plight!
Gathering to satiate on their created blight.

It may become discomforting,
To remove yourself from this acceptance.
But you have been the one to cast a shadow...
Yet learning to curse it,
As if it was there to harm!
As if the joy of your birth...
Now causes much alarm.

Even though it nurtured you in the womb...
To deliver you...
To develop a cursing of its darkened presence.
Like the others who have become intimidated.
Afraid to journey on their own!
In fear of shadows they cast on paths alone!

And gathering together in tight dustballs...
In an aimless attractive sit.
Where shiftless drifters are condoned!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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