In Fear To Hear Or Face Reality

Making choices with decisions made,
Including faith and truth that's faced...
Seldom leaves one regretting this action done.

Some people in most cases...
Fear to hear or face the truth.
With a searching to find creative time,
To make acceptable excuses to ease their minds.

'What should I do?
Help me stop it.
You've got to help me stop it.'

~Calm down.
What's the problem? ~

'I am being bombarded with too much of it.'

Bombarded by too much of what? ~

'I can't take it anymore.
The hearing of truth I can no longer ignore.
There is a conspiracy I tell you.
And I don't want to hear it
I want it away from my front door.'

~Calm down. No problem.
We've 'just' got a fresh shipment in of delusions.
We've got plenty of it and expecting more.~

'What a relief.
Don't you think two cases will last me through the week? '

~Someone in your condition I would recommended four.~

'I'll take FIVE!
Thank you. Thank you.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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