Sound The Alarm

Sound the alarm.
Let's turn off the charm
that has hypnotized our kind.
Hypnotized and robotized
the workings of our mind.

Sound the alarm.
Close the door on the farm
that has penned us in too long.
Sciencized and cannonized
to believe in all that's wrong.

Unite the ones
whose blood still runs
warm when ere they bleed.
Not immunized nor mesmerized
by those not of our seed.

Sound the alarm.
Don't let them disarm
the humans that are awake.
Untranquilized and unvictimized
by the fangs of the deadly snake.

Wake up the rest.
That is the test
to ultimately defeat our foe.
For dehumanized and disorganized
is how they'll have us go

by Edwina Reizer

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Thankfully for ally do thank you o much ok ok ok 👍 great jobs
Very moving poem
I found this poem to be very moving, most poems settle for ok but John Mcrae is not one of them
is john mcdonalds dead?
Very moving and sad lest we forget. Must try and keep peace don't want to go there ever again.
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