In Foolish Misses

In foolish misses.
Overlooked is the bigger picture.
In foolish misses.
Opportunities that come to knock.
But the mind stops.
To examine what one wears.
If and what they drive.
How they walk, talk.
And the texture of their hair.
In foolish misses.

In foolish misses.
Dreams to wish but sit and wait.
For them to arrive.
To think it's never too late.
In foolish misses many hesitate.
But waste more time to contemplate.
In foolish wishes to dismiss,
The very one coming bearing gifts.
To then with foolishness,
Because of moodiness and attitude.
And return to foolish misses.
Most do.
To wish for something more.
Delivered to their door.
But will not move to explore,
A full view of the picture.
Or use the piece of it they get.
With effort to endeavor,
To see and discover...
Just exactly where,
That piece they have been blessed...
And to get,
In the bigger picture fits.
But sit.
In foolishness to miss.
With a wasting more time to wish.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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