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In Freedom's Name
FLN (1990 / China)

In Freedom's Name

Poem By Fred Lee Newman, IV

A score and ten: the village men
Who would not yield to Edward,
Took staves and knives and kissed their wives
And marched in earnest westward.
Through the rough hills, ten Welsh iron wills
And twenty, proud, set, and dauntless,
Roused others to flame in blest Freedom’s name
And to Cardiff continued to press.
Across the moor from the city door
They halted: two hundred and ten;
Arrayed before, all hardened by war,
The English stood: one thousand men.
Never once doubting, every man shouting
For Freedom, with farm tools upheld,
Rushed boldly the foe for dear Wales; but lo!
The cruel English have every man felled.
Two hundred and ten led by thirty brave men
Died, having played a great part;
For all Wales came astir, and the Prince’s banner
Unfurled with a patriot heart.

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