(March 28,1987 / )

A Resentful Spirit Grows Into A Terrible Burden After A Poem By Dr. Antony Theodore

If you have the will
forgive you will
you may or may not have heart

you don't want to be merciful
(remember only god is merciful
and you are no way any god)
to whom who has hurt your heart

for example
he wants to steal
your love from you
and leave you loveless

while relishing all your love
and your love does not mind
as he is practical
and does all love things

keeps her happy all times
not like you who talk of love only
and give her no nonspiritual love

but the problem is
there is a burden on your soul
that grows and grows
and you can bear it no more

and so you forgive him
and you are happy
he is happy
your stolen love is happy
God is happy


by Ravi Kopra

Comments (2)

Very true, we only too often forget the real us, or how to make the most of our life.Great write.love Duncan
I suppose the mirror, never reveils the real you anyway.