In Glances

In Glances
Written by Larry J. Knight, Jr.

She pretends not to care,
though there’s truth
in her eyelashes;
they revel too much,
communicate in code
her heart’s intent;
indifference overpowered
by tiny wisps of hair
that bat when her eyes
are strangely fixed upon me;
the rawness of her restrained smile,
the language of her silence,
the verbiage defined within her
stare, speaking a million words
resonating without a syllable;
she’s quiet,
I’m cool,
she resists,
I decipher her look;
translate the message
hidden in her reluctance to speak;
transcribe the cryptogram
that’s her expression:
a tiny curl of the mouth
becomes discontent;
wandering eyes
become avoidance;
a tilted neck,
a search for comprehension;
she looks, curiously,
eyes seeking some shred of reason,
I translate:
her heart beckoning her to love,
her brain, diluting want with logic;
she’s quiet,
I’m cool,
she resists,
I decipher her looks;
she knows that tomorrow
is nothing more than mythology,
fantasies promised to those
willing to embrace the sanctity of chance;
realizes more than anything
love’s a chemical,
that it poisons
if taken too much;
she’s always consumed mine in moderation,
taking only as much is needed;
she pretends, if only for now,
that she doesn’t care,
doesn’t feel,
doesn’t want to love me;
she’s quiet,
I’m cool,
she resists,
I decipher her looks;
study the concealed lexis
existing beneath the surface
of her faint, vacant expression;
needing some answer,
some insight
to quench my curiosity,
and know what truth she hides
yearning to break free.

Copyright 2005 Larry J. Knight, Jr.

by Larry J. Knight, Jr.

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