In Glorious Removal

I adorned my life with chaos,
Wanting to fit in!
Wanting to be just like the 'Jones'
With constant arguing that would never end!

I wanted to feel accepted,
So I gossiped with the rest.
I thought I had to dislike someone,
Because my 'friends' thought 'that' was best!

I wanted to pretend my needs were satisfied.
And at home alone I knew I was not...
And alone with 'things' I cried!
Deep inside I was tied up in knots,
A lot!

It's a new day.
And some 'crap' I cleared away!
Including some folks I thought were close,
To live my life my way!

The only thing I regret,
As I sit in retrospect...
Is the misery grieved by the few who believe,
The life I live they have to inspect and accept!

And I've told them I'm not seeking
Anyone's approval!
In fact...
I've discovered myself again,
Sustained in glorious 'BS' removal!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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