(June 15,1942 / Aravayal, karaikudi, Tamil Nadu, South India)

Ready For Christmas

Wherever I go at this time of the year
there's one silly question I'm certain to hear
in all kinds of stores, at the hairdresser's shop,
at church, on the street. How I wish it would stop!
My neighbors, my friends, even strangers I see
will ask, "Are you ready for Christmas? " Who, me?

Of course, I'm not ready! I truly believe
I've never been ready before Christmas eve
and some Christmas mornings, it's nearly been three
before all my presents were under the tree.

Besides all the shopping for just the right thing,
there's wrapping and mailing or delivering.
There's cleaning the house, baking cookies and cake;
there's hardtack and fudge that I'm wanting to make.

There's writing my letters, addressing my cards;
there's trimming the tree, decorating the yards.
There's stringing up lights on the porch; furthermore,
there's finding or making a wreath for the door.

If all this is done, am I ready?Not quite.
There's reading a story to children each night.
There's hanging up stockings and filling them, too,
and then, just perhaps, I would be about through.
So asking that question before Christmas eve
is cruel and trite. It's my biggest pet peeve.

The question we ought to consider, instead,
is this: "Are you ready for Christ? "It's been said
that He'll be returning to earth once again
and if we're prepared, we can be with Him then.
It's vital that we give our best to this task.
So now, am I ready for Christ? Please, don't ask!

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wise words from wise man.. love it