In God's Time

clash of desire
augmented with prayer, birth the real
gesture of being
free, for an eloquent revolution
touches the heart of a clay,
the waiting passion of the supreme
being, a beacon of judgment
that lives forever

come ardent hope, leave the hatred that
burn the vessel of forgiveness,
the timing scorn the droplets
of sweat tenderness flown out to save
the world, you may be nothing,
yet! priceless in the eyes of God

wish not the sole desire of our want, for in
God's time, blessing will
just come, like lightning that knock at your
doorstep, find the wisdom to
live happy life and all things shall be added
into you

countless scented candle smell like
fragrance of Roses in the air,
and a clash of desire wishes not to go, say it
through your lips and it be
part of you...

by Antonio Liao

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