In God They Trust

Whomever it is,
With kept beliefs they have rights.
To ignite fights and start wars.
As if to wish to destroy themselves.
Should not depend on my expense.
That supports their lack,
Of having common sense.

Those who live to prove,
Their lives to live gives them authority.
To rule over others and control.
Do this to believe,
God cheers them on.
Have minds long gone.
And those who follow like blinded sheep.
Awaken too late.
To disbelieve they have been deceived.
And yet kept is a stupidity,
Not to see.
None of this would exist,
If they did not insist...
God picked them over others,
As chosen favorites to diminish His creation.
Done to do because this is God's wish.
Even though if God chose,
He could do it without their assistance.
Foolish is he who keeps mindless beliefs.
To then plead to God to end,
A craze they have allowed...
Among themselves to begin to claim,
Faith in God they trust.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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