In Good Times. In Bad Times

If not for those incredible sounds of Motown.
Jimi Hendrix.
Burt Bacharach and Hal David.
The Birds.
The Turtles.
Mamas and Papas.
'Up, Up And Away' by The Fifth dimension.
Alcohol and an occasional puff on weed,
As every musician back then reigned 'Supreme'...
Back in the mid-60's until the early 70's,
Many of us very young and in the military...
'AND' patriotic too,
Would not have survived the disguise emphasized,
As Vietnam.
We were there to prevent,
Any harm done to alarm.

Since all of us guys knew too well,
The meaning behind the lyrics...
Of 'That's What Friends Are For'.
In good times.
In bad times.
To know without a doubt,
Any moment all 'hell' could break out.
With a protecting each other's back for a fact,
For me and others would agree too,
'Baby It's You'.
In those good times.
And those bad times together,
We knew as we grew committed...
To be the best we could be,
For one another.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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In the times of peace and war we should always stick together. Together we stand divided we fall. Those songs that you aptly named are reminiscent of the past. One special one that I remembered was War! What is it good for, absolutely nothing Those words can be proven wrong. War can lead to peace. When you have time please read my poem A Salute to Soldiers A very fervent write.