In Grandma's Homemade Fruit Cake

One has to live a life to know what it is like,
To experience the quality of diversified injustices.
It seems many have been fed to believe,
A feeding digested upon a variety of twisted images.

And those judging another's appearance,
As if the act of it is not felt or seen...
Expose instantly their lack of comprehension.
Although those physically judged,
Are expected to express their gratitude....
For the opportunity to be subjected to the process.

If those judging and sitting as jurors,
Are quick to depict themselves...
As the creators of the Sun, Moon, Stars and Earth.
And the givers of life as a way to show they are,
Nuttier than all the nuts found,
In grandma's homemade fruit cake.

The odds are likely to be in their favor...
They may have a clue of actually being aware of it!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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