KNS (July 14,1965 / New York)

In Her Arms

In her arms is where you are; in her arms is where your soul found your place in the heavens above.
I could hear her cry, "please frank don't leave me, don't leave me, you can't leave me now, don't leave me behind."
I feel no pulse, "why, " why now when we have so much to do?
We have so many things that are not complete; Frank I can't do this without you, and how can I live without my right hand? It is not done yet.
The tears was so strong that it made me cry, knowing that he was gone never to return home.
In her arms is where my brother found his way too heaven, to God that he loved so much, In her arms where he know he was safe and where his family should realize that he wanted to be.
Frank loved Jean and she loves him and God granted them this last time in her arms where frank took his flight home.
I pray that God will give me a little of what they had even if it is just for a moment it will still be better then never knowing or even feeling that unforgettable love that they shared.
I seen this for my own self this untouchable love that is only giving once in your life time and was shared by Frank and Jean Navas.
Please give her that, Don't try to sugar it up because if you don't know then you need to ask someone that knows.

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