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In Her Favorite Place

Broken, tattered, a withered soul
Lost in the stillness of time’s control
Tearstains splattered among her shirt
Feeling as if she’d been lying under dirt

Pacing around her house like a never ending boomerang
Wanting to make just one change, wishing her life wasn’t so insane
As she closes her eyes tightly and begins to inhale
She pictures a world were everyone’s well

Every moment she wishes she could turn back the time
Turn back to the point when everything was fine
There are many things she can’t comprehend, but the one thing that keeps her sane
Is the know of how much her Aunt has gained

Finally she’s in her favorite place
Her Aunt walking in the light of his grace
Now you see the young girl standing tall
Realizing now she knows it all

Slowly across her face appears a smile
She looks up above without denial
Knowing one day she’ll see her Aunt once again
Walking along as best friends
She’ll see her Aunts lovely face
As they walk along in her favorite place

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