VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)

In Her Passing

Something so perfect and yet so far gone
Into the last shreds of memories, yet undone
As time does past, so be it the emotions as well
Empty void unfilled and a heart, that starts to swell

Like an injury, to the intellectual muscle of voice
Imprisoned and fed daily, by the indescribable choice
Of how I can commit to a life, onwards without you
Tears of agony, like acid on the bruised, heart of blue

Syndrome of drawn out symphonies, does little to heal
Grand opening, to an empty playhouse that you, did steal
Forever cursed upon your name as moments’ sting the soul
To live forever incomplete and only at best, partially whole

Like Rapunzel in her tower, only a window view, for a world
Trapped and unconsidered, beaten too far and hopelessness furled
Was there something I did wrong, was it something I should’ve done
Look for the cooling of night, to be tormented by the burning sun

As my wasting hands, lift the heart to my consciousness
A crumbling comes apart, and the sands fall to sadness
Fragile and yet slowly disintegrating, beyond the repairable
Collapsing are my hopes, to see her love again inseparable

The dirt into which my knees sink, dry and incomprehensible
Reduced to shallow deliberations, of the meek and vulnerable
Cruel voices, of past faces’ play their teasing rhymes, to my ears
Constant antagonism and the eternal expatiating, of all my fears

Now that this is to be, my finals days, before my time fades away
Sadness be my final emotion, as was the anguish of her fatal day
The blade slides through the skin, the burning sting, as my tears run
The flow if the crimson lake, spills to the floor, as death has begun

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