In Hindsight

First they declared,
He was too inexperienced.
Now they seek his opinions.
After the election he has won.
He has proven his brilliance stuns!

And yet...
He remains courteous,
To a leader...
Eight years ago,
The public it is said...
Had picked.
Now they all wish,
He disappears and quick.

Because those who are...
And had been conscious of it,
And tricked.
Are wishing to erase...
A disgrace that exists.
Like a haunting that remains,
In their minds they can't evict!

They can no longer fake,
An expression of false pride!
An incompetent leadership...
Not only has created damaging affects,
But an ignorance has presented them all...
With gloomy faces and a mess!
To clean up.
But with no time left to perfect.

And they wish in hindsight...
A greed enjoyed,
They now could hide!
From it step aside!
And with a baited breath,
Nervously kept!
For them the anticipation,
Feels much like a slow death!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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