In His Daze...

He's in the barn, watching the golden rays of sun
stream down. He's climbing the big, old oak tree, that
he's found. He's running off through the blades of grass.
He's thinking of, that cute, little girl who smiled at him
last. He's full of wonder, young and free. He's imagining
what there is yet to be. He's laying in the fresh cut hay.
He's down by the river, listening to what it has to say. And
as the pearly strands of rain come down. The fields become a
play ground. And in the mist and rain, of a warm summers
morn,a cool breeze blows, and new is born! There, he is, as
he stares off in that glaze. There, .. There! He is in his

by Rebecca Navarre

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Very beautiful poem dear poetess...... thanks////
This is a wonderful composition....a piece of sparkling diamond! My great pleasuring revisiting it!
A lovely piece on father's memories, creates a word portrait. I particularly liked the last few lines.
I find a great pleasure imagining the picture you have portrayed in this magnificent line……’He's thinking of, that cute, little girl who smiled at him’…captivating expression! A beautiful poem! I always admire your style of penning! I am sorry that I have not found time to read your beautiful works since last many months! Top marks for this beautiful poem!
A wonderful poetic natural phenomenon presents your excellent poem, nature is such sometimes, where human beings are chiefly handlers as they can do, .... but what they are doing is fact, an uncertain future is howling throughout the piece you have written, i already have read, thanks for sharing,10
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