JJT (December 6,1988 / Philippines)

*in His Eyes

In his eyes are empty wells
where waters only flow endless
when I stare;
and in his eyes are dark skies
where stars only shine endless
when I glare.
You'll hear in his voice silent graveyards
where melodies only stream endless
when to me he sings...
and together in his lips lie broken leaves
where flowers only bloom endless
when to me he speaks.
In his cheeks are forsaken streets
but sweetest heaven in my eye;
in his heart are dying secrets
that live in mine, I know not why.
I read in his soul forgotten poems
that I write immortal in these lines.
For in his worst, I love him best.

by Jessel Jane Tevar Toring

Comments (2)

You've dug deep within and pulled out a gem- this poem sparkles.
i remember the famous lines of David Copperfield- think of me at my best...here, you love you think best of him at his worst...you only 'living in his soul' make him best, Jane...good poem...10