MKW ( / Rockford, Illinois, USA)

In His Memory

He was a handsome little boy in 1926 at age of seven,
With his bib overalls and curly blond head of hair;
He wore knicker pants and more blond curls at age of eleven.
A uniformed Marine he was at twenty-two,
About as handsome as they come--this man with eyes of blue.
In his Platoon on Guadacanal there were seventy-five of them!
And on to other battles where they proved themselves as men.
He then became a husband and a father to our "Den",
At this time he was a farmer and a handsomely dressed young fellow,
His ways were fun and laughter and his life style was quite mellow.
In 1963 he chose to be a salesman; his customers loved his ways!
They gave him orders and heaped his head with praise.
His neighbors loved his manner; all his friends were staunch and true,
Amid his presence, with his liveliness, few of us were blue!
Marine Reunions were a pleasure, there was good living for this man;
To his family he gave devotion--how we loved him! all we can.
He was my Husband, Friend and Lover; a Companion I could Prize!
I will always cherish memories; He was a man to Idolize.

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