In Honor Of Black History Month

...and, this year we are so excited,
In honor of Black History Month...
To provide a ten thousand dollar scholarship,
To anyone who can answer the following question.
If you all notice,
You have been given the answer as is shown...
Amongst the choices from which to choose.
Either A, B or C.

Good luck!
Here is your question...

How many fingers are on the left hand?
You have five seconds to respond.
Place your one thumb on the buzzer.
And hold with your remaining four fingers,
On your left hand.

You are the first to respond.
Your answer is...?

'Hold up!
And don't be winking at me.
I ain't into that!
Supposing that left hand was held by someone else...
Guiding with valued assistance to choose the right path? '

That has nothing to do with the question asked.
NOR is that one of the answers already given.
One of them is correct.
The others are not.

I need that ten thousand dollars.
And stop winking at me...

Do you or do you not have the correct answer?

'Do you or do you not get on my last nerve? '

THIS is a contest.

'And THIS is my fist.
Do you mind repeating the question?
And don't look at me as if I'm the one stupid.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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