In Honor Of Phoebe Sofia - Earthquake Survivor From The Himalayan Village Moori Patan In Pakistan

I saw this little girl Phoebe holding a little baby on TV
It was her baby sister.
She was trying to keep it warm
Even though Phoebe had pneumonia.
She was singing to the baby
To bring the baby peace.
They were living in extreme cold conditions
After the earthquake in Pakistan.
People were living
In tents,
Not even nice tents
Flimsy old things.
When this report ended
I wondered -
Is anyone going to help these families?
I think about heroes
And think about Phoebe
Holding that baby
And there are probably no degrees or awards hanging on the inside of her tent,
But she is a hero in every sense of the word.
I pray someone with money
Will see the report
And take these earthquake survivor’s to safety.
Then if Phoebe
Ever has to fill out a self-esteem sheet
Of her achievements,
I think the only thing she would need on it is -
“I hugged my baby sister to keep her warm
In a faraway land with no heat
After an earthquake hit my village
And no one was around to help us.”
And if she never did anything else in her life
That would be enough.

by Connie Webb

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