In Human Successes

In human successes in medicine, science and technology a reason for some pride
But in the name of progress the natural environment is being destroyed
What we do to our Earth Mother to our own selves we do
I may have caused environmental damage but then so too have you
The Earth that feeds us we do not own since to the Earth we do belong
And anyone who tells you differently has surely got it wrong
And whether we are cremated or buried for to decay
To Mother Earth who feeds us we will return one day
Jobs at the expense of the Natural Environment for the long term is not wise
When we abuse the Earth that feeds us too few seem to realize
That for the mistakes we do make future generations will have to pay
Us humans are our own worst enemies and this does seem sad to say
That we continue burning fossil fuels to say the least seems strange
One of the main causes of Global Warming in this time of Climate Change.

by Francis Duggan

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