In Illowa Hall

The beautiful brown haired young woman athletic and tall
That he met at a bush dance in Illowa Hall
From Southern Cross now does live far away
In California in the U S of A

With him anyway it was love at first sight
In Illowa Hall on that warm Summer's night
So lovely to look at and a fine dancer as well
And so light on her feet like a sprightly gazelle

The feeling of love for her in his being did grow
But 'twas only as a friend that him she did wish for to know
Unrequited love it can be such a sad thing
And heartache to one it always does bring

An Aussie and Southern Cross woman born, raised and bred
She loved an American to him she is wed
With twin brown haired daughters in primary school
She live far from Southern Cross between Koroit and Warrnambool

Whilst he sits on his own in the pub at Hawkesdale
With a sad look on his face as he sips on his ale
Yet to father children and without womanly love or a wife
And yet to get over the great love of his life.

by Francis Duggan

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