In Illowa In November

In Illowa of the Moyne Shire it is a pleasant November day
A freshening breeze blowing uphill from nearby Gorman's Bay
The countryside lush and green after recent Spring rain
With such beautiful weather few would wish to complain
Cattle on nutritious young grass chewing their cuds do lay
Looking content and healthy gaining weight by the day
The sun is glowing warm in sky of blue and gray
And wafting in the coastal breeze the scent of grass mowed for hay
The distinctive warbling of the magpies the birds who sing all through the year
And the melodious songs of the blackbirds so pleasant for to hear
With the sun on their dark wings the hunters of the sky
In pursuit of flying insects the welcome swallows fly
And the beauty in the wild growing flowers one only can admire
In Illowa in November in the coastal Moyne Shire.

by Francis Duggan

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