In Illowa This Morning

The first of June and the calendar Winter only four sleeps away
And it is cool though sunny in Illowa today
But a magpie he is warbling on a black wattle tree
And the magpie larks are calling their familiar pee wee
The up to three weeks ago brown and bare paddocks after the recent rain
Are looking green and healthy the grass is growing again
And the contented cattle chewing their cuds at ease gaining weight by the day
On the nutritious young grass no longer in need of hay
In Illowa this morning the sunny sky is clear
And the migratory cattle egrets back amongst the herds it is this time of year
They eat the fleeing insects that the cattle disturb as they graze
The workings of the one known as Nature never ceases to amaze
In the blue sky above Illowa just a few clouds of gray
The weather is quite pleasant for late Autumn and May.

by Francis Duggan

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