In Inchaleigh By Millstreet Town

In Inchaleigh by Millstreet Town at the dawning of the day
It has been frosty overnight the morning fields are gray
And gray ground frost it has been said always a sign of rain
And bank high flows the old Finnow and bank high flows the drain.

In Inchaleigh by Millstreet Town at the coldest time of the year
The songbirds silent in the backyards the only birds one hear
Are house sparrows chirping by the back doors and on the rafters of the hay shed
With robins they wait till Housewife from the kitchen floor sweep out crumbs of bread.

In Inchaleigh by Millstreet Town in the cold of January
The hungry rooks on high branch caw of the leafless old oak tree
And in the sheds in the farm yards cattle bellowing for silage or hay
And though Spring it is but two months off it seems further away

From Inchaleigh by Millstreet Town where the Finnow waters flow
Where the wind blows with a chilly breath too cold even to snow
But Spring will come to Inchaleigh when milder winds will blow
And in the softer April rains wildflowers and grass will grow.

by Francis Duggan

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