In Indonesia

In Indonesia possession of narcotics can be a punishable by death crime
or else imprisonment for a lifetime
For drug trafficking in Indonesia the price can be huge for to pay
That human life can be taken so cheaply does seem sad to say
How cruel and lacking in compassion some Governments can be
To deliberately kill people is murder and a crime against humanity
In Indonesia they carry out executions though the voice of International condemnation is loud
In their autocratic and horrible laws some Government leaders do not have any reason for to feel proud
In some Countries the death penalty may be seen to be lawful but it is murder by another name
In the twenty first century that people are being executed is to humanity's shame
If the Indonesian President's child was convicted for drug trafficking would he condemn her or him for to die
If he told you he would it is obvious that to you he was telling a lie
Some Governments believe the taking of human life for some crimes is lawful the death penalty they have in place
That this should be in the twenty first century is surely a human disgrace.

by Francis Duggan

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