In Inverloch

In Inverloch house properties seem pricey in that old Town in Gippsland by the sea
Where suburbanites go to holiday and to party and there you will not find much poverty,
Many middle class suburban people there in the Summer to relax with their kin and family
From December to March most places of accomodation booked out and the busiest month of all is January.

In Inverloch you won't find many battlers the fairly well to do only live there
They do not have to worry about paying bills or if they can afford their car repair
If you can afford to live there you're not doing too badly and the future for you surely looking bright
Your house is worth at least three hundred thousand and maybe more if the beach is in sight.

In Inverloch the tourist trade is booming and the guest house owners there are millionaires
And if making heaps of money could make people happy then they would never be burdened by cares
Few if any slum dwellers if any ever seen in Inverloch in such places they do not holiday
The cheapest accomodation seems quite pricey and even to tent there fifteen bucks a night or so they say.

In Inverloch the Summer months are busy but for nine months the Town at most times quiet
And lovers hand in hand they go out walking along the beach
lit by the moon at night
And poverty to Inverloch a stranger and the poorest person living there not poor
And those who can afford to buy a house and live there are classed as the financially secure.

by Francis Duggan

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