JD (3/5/76 / Wisconsin)

In Jack We Trust

He is the fear that you run from,
comforting truth when all is lost.
Intuition and courage when Hope fades
A bright blue light after Faith is tossed.

Potential unleashed, dreams take form
Barstool proclamations fulfilled
Doubters excuses, a lingering stench
The wall echoes the un-willed.

He is the ego that you desire
And the power that you crave
The motivation you’ve lost
Your special power animal, “Be brave! ”

He’s been laughed at and ignored
Taunted, teased and humored.
A gasoline pipeline titration.
Of flesh and blood he’s rumored.

Some say he’s crazy,
Others think it’s just a game.
Psycho-analytical propaganda
What’s really in a name?

He’s not make-believe or invisible,
I’m not your imaginary friend!
Carved out of wood, erected with steel
This is Jack’s house, and we don’t pretend!

Jack Dylan 8/16/06

by Jack Dylan

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Gotta love Jack! He's the yin to Syd's yang.