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In Kalorama

In high and wooded Kalorama there is scarce a puff of breeze
And the sulphur crested cockatoos are squawking high on the tall gum trees
On the first day of October in the second month of the Spring
To be alone with Nature is such a peaceful thing.

The pleasant calling of the currawongs give a clue to their name
Notorious as nest robbers yet free of guilt or blame
For Nature's wild creatures innocent of guilt cannot be blamed for behaving in their natural way
On small birds and their nestlings the bigger birds will prey.

In Kalorama east of Melbourne an hour after nightfall
The boobook owl the night hunter utters his mopoke call
And the worried yellow robin is awake in her nest
With her tiny day old pink skinned nestlings sleeping warm beneath her breast.

She knows the boobook is a predator and for her family's safety she is in fear
with fright her tiny heart is beating at a voice she would not rather hear
When he hunts up wood from her and his calls grow fainter and die away
Her heart rate returns to normal she will see the dawn of day.

In Kalorama's high wooded country there is scarce a puff of breeze
And in the drains the frogs are singing in a place of tall gum trees
And the temperatures are pleasant around fifteen degrees
And I thank you Mother Nature for these moments of joy and ease

by Francis Duggan

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