In Love (Meb)

Feeling hot, thinking of
You my girl 'cause I'm in love
When I look, you're all i see
I need you now, come be with me
People know, we will die
If I will go its by your side
When it comes, from push to shove
I will stand 'cause im in love
im in love...

Well if I'm seeing her, [seeing her]
And I'm breathing her, [breathing her]
Then I'll be feeling fine.
Im asking that, [asking that]
If you'll infact, [you'll infact]
be glad to be mine...

After all, you have shown
That true love has now been known
Mistakes were made, I regret
Lets turn the page and make the best
When I'm lost, blackened skies
I'll take a look into your eyes
I will wait, and never run
Your the key- 'cause I'm in love


I told you I love you....
- Again [again]
I told you I need you....
- Until the end


by Austin Beemer

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