SA (January19,1981 / Bangladesh)

In Love With A Gorgon

At the time of the sun's spitting saffron out in the sky,
my life turned into a dazzling Gorgon and smiled.

The Gorgon with her snaky hair and tempting eyes
that I didn't know, turned a lot of things into stone.

Her smile drove me unwilling to suffer an eclipse,
frantic to climb the ladder of paramount ecstasy.

Prying into the tangles of love, I shrugged off
the unburdening of things we carry to the end.

Her smile seemed like music of pebbles in a stream.
I didn't know only monsters thrive under her spell.

She stared me out of countenance and I am stone.
My moss-green figure only a twister can shatter.

Now regrets grow like shrubs in the rain forest;
I can't have them all eaten by the worms of Time.


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Comments (3)

I love the first stanza. This poem is very imaginative and stimulating. It is everything a poem should be and is alive and magical.
A truly impressive poem.
Yes, like most of this. Some interesting half rhymes and I really like the line'her smile seemed like music of pebbles in a stream' Promising.