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In Love With A Poetess
FIZ ( / Ekiti State, Nigeria)

In Love With A Poetess

Hope my bed won't be filled with ink
Hope my feelings won't be lost on the field
I hope my feelings would find a brace in your heart
Even beyond the poetic lines

Change not my feelings to metaphor
Take not my feelings to be irony
Raplace not my love with words
Let my heart find grace in the ink your pen bleeds

Write not my heart to the air
Give not the world the chance to hear
Let my words find a place in your heart to rest
Let them be the feelings you express

Take me on the ride of love with your ink
Let me be your magnum opus work
When asleep and awake I'll always ring in your world
Let's soar with the wing of love

When you express my wrong
I promise to play along
I'll stay beside you to be the inspiration
Till my sight become your Expression

I know your pen speaks change
I'll find words for you to express
So at the end of our scene on Earth
We'd boldly say we tried our best

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This is great... Wow.. I am speechless
A fantastically great and originally amazing poem.! ! How masterfully you have been able to conjugate the creative elements in poetry writing, with your own love for the poetess, so successfully and literarily, perfectly done. I enjoyed this poem enormously and will go back to it many times, considering it one of the best on this site. Hope to see it as Poem of the Day soon. More than well done, Excellent!