In Love With An Angel

The first time I saw you,
I fell so deeply in love with you,
I never even thought, there existed such a beauty,
I didn’t even think it was reality.

I thought it was just a dream,
A dream given by Him,
And everytime the thought comes up,
I always wish I would never wake up.

I don’t even care what you would say,
I just want to have a way,
To see you everyday,
To talk to you if you may.

I guess it’s just a curse,
Given to me by the source,
To fall in love to such an angel,
But never be able to mingle.

Just being a mere human,
I feel really, really down,
For I know that there could never be,
A relationship with an angel and me.

by Lendl Ian Servillon

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cute poem. It's so true about love.