RF (July 26,1977 / Baltimore, MD)

In Loving Memory

You’ve been gone for awhile now and many years have flown by.
Yet…..now I miss you more then I have in along time.
I was so little when you went away didn’t really understand.
I just new my poppy had up and went away.

Now its ten years later and your presents is so very felt.
Regrets do linger that your not here to enjoy your life’s fruitful wealth.
Your spirit was above all others,
Your kindness unmeasured in any man,
your loyalty unfailing till, your life’s very end.

Most say its favoritism he was your grandfather, that’s his just do will.
But few know that your kindness showed each day you walked this earth.
Not one person whom you befriended or spoke to in anyway, can say that your
Heartfelt kindness was not felt in everyway.

I miss you more then any words could say.
I miss your arms that sheltered me from all things.
You were my hero in everyway that was,
You were my light when all things seemed dark.

Many bumps have been in my road since you have been gone from here.
There were times when I so wish that you could have been here.
But, after many years of hurting and struggling to heal that past,
My heart has found the love that was so missing from my past.

When you passed time seemed to stand still.
As little as I was, life seemed ugly & cruel.
Yet of course with age comes wisdom and time.
And now I understand you had used your time.

There is a man whom, will never take your place.
Has opened me up and shown me a new place.
He has your kindness and spirit for life.
He makes life seem easy, even when it seems bleak at times.
You would like him as he would you.
And he has made the hurt not so hard to do.

I love you poppy more then my heart can say.
I miss you each & everyday.
But as with the course, time must go by.
Just know that I am with you always and I have someone by my side.
He will be there for me, as you were when you were here.
Not a day goes by that I don’t wish you were here,
Please know I remember and my heart is always near.

Your loving granddaughter Rachel (Chi-Chi)

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