In Loving Memory Of Kiyan Prince

We will always remember you where ever you are.
We would all come to see you but heavens to far.

Why would some want to destroy such a passionate soul?
To everyone’s heart its taken toll.
The respect you had was never to go,
You were a leader but always hung low.
All the teachers enjoyed you as a student
Everyone loved you as a friend;
the presence you brang will never end.
A love so strong a mind so wide,
But you have come and gone like the tide.

Kiyan the moment you were born and every moment since,
You have always been a prince.

In loving memory of Kiyan prince
By Eddie Mitchell and all those who loved you

by Eddie Mitchell

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Thank you for writing this, Eddie. The best we can do now is to celebrate Kiyan's memory, and that's just what this poem does. Best wishes, Gina.