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In Many Decades From Today
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In Many Decades From Today

Poem By Francis Duggan

In many decades from today there will be wealthy and poor the same as there is now
And royalists to monarchs in reverence will bow
And wars will be fought and battles lost and won
And the war bereaved mother will grieve for her dead son
And due to climate change famines in the World will be widespread
For many of the future generations some tough times ahead
And the praises of wealthy celebrities their admirers will sing
Social changes in many ways the future will not bring
For inequality between people is bound to remain
And somebody's loss will be another's gain
But in the World there will be far more people than there is today
At least anyhow it is looking this way
And due to the destruction of natural habitat and Climate Change fewer songbirds in the World for to sing
They will be quite rare the feathered minstrels of Spring
Though some things of course will remain as the same
There will always be the lust for money and fame.

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