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In Me Room For Self Improvement
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In Me Room For Self Improvement

Poem By Francis Duggan

In me room for self improvement tell me something i do not know
As i age like many others spiritually i do not grow
In most of us room for self improvement when you see it in this way
Too much love of self for the mind not healthy despite what some of this do have to say
We all have our human flaws to cope with yours are different to mine
And that we look at life quite differently is something that does suit me fine
As long as you never deliberately in your words hurt anybody's feelings and put other people down
To me you are an okay person and an asset to the town
It is said what you or i dislike in others in our own selves we do see
Though with this sort of thinking many others may not agree
I can only live my own life be as good as i can be
For to make a better World to live in i must make a better me
In my moments of self reflection i have come to realize
That in me heaps of room for self improvement this to me not a surprise.

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