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In Meeniyan
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In Meeniyan

Poem By Francis Duggan

In Meeniyan the short billed corellas are squawking as above the Village they fly
Towards the gum trees that stand by the old creek that flows through the paddocks nearby
By their voices they cannot be mistaken them one never ought to get wrong
They squawk on the gum trees in the paddocks all through the year and all day long,
The day it is sultry and humid close to if not thirty degrees
The sun in the gray clouds is hidden with only a very faint breeze
It does seem quite tropical weather though the tropics from here seems quite far
From Victoria to the Queensland tropics a thirty hours journey by car,
The songbirds are whistling and singing a sure sign that rain it is near
Perhaps birds they are so tuned into Nature that the distant thunder they hear?
Meeniyan Village is quiet not unusual though on the highway the traffic is buzzing up and down
Cars that go to and come from Leongatha to Meeniyan the nearest big Town,
With less than two weeks to the Summer 'tis quiet and humid in Meeniyan today
And blackbirds and magpies are singing to tell rain is not far away.

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