MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

Drink It All Away

My name is Rose
I have abusive parents, much to your dismay
They love me, I don’t know what’s going on
So I drink it all away

I thought I had found a man I loved
Eventually our relationship began to fray
I became aware he was cheating on me
So I drank it all away

My name is Dan
Many people in the school believe I’m gay
I’m laughed at like I’m a freak sideshow
So I drink it all away

My name is Kylie
My best friend Gina and I ran outside to play
So was killed instantly when hit by that car
(Sure, it was years ago)
But I still drink it all away

My name is Jacob
And all I want to do is be viewed as “cool” today
No matter what it takes, I’ll do it
So I drink my true self away

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lovely, Michael, absolutely lovely.
This is a Beautiful tribute to Anna akhmatova...I do not know much about her but will look further into it to research and understand more of why she was monumented in the first place... This is a well written simply beautiful write that I enjoyed from beginning to end! Thank U 4 sharing are a wonderful poet. =shelley=
Anna Akhmatova (Anna Gorenko) , poet, recorder and heroine of the Stalinist years, died in 1966.
a poet’s tears fall as gentle rain I love this line I think that it is the best that I have read in a while good ending.
Poets tears - elegantly painted in this gentle poem with frozen images and a warm heart. Who is A A? love, Allie xxxxxxxxxxxx