In Memoriam Of Their Serenity

I like to sleep again in a cradle.
Where is my perambulator?
I lost my feeding bottle
and the bootees are not fit now.
My beautiful mom who was the protectress
of this fawn.
When I crawl you gave me your big hand
my handsome dad.
Where did you go with my poor mom?
It's unbelievable,
When I take my children to school in the morning
I see both of you through the mist at the handrail
with my old books.

by nimal dunuhinga

Comments (3)

A very touching and poignant poem. As long as we have warm memories of whose whom we loved so dearly, time stands still. Kindest regards, Sandra
This made the tears well up, I could hardly contain, I know about this feeling and It Hurts You have such a graceful way Love to you and your closest Love Duncan X
You can find serenity for a while just looking back at those precious day's, huh Nimal?